Lungfuls of Dusk (2017)
for the Liz Pearse and the Cochlea Duo
text by Stephanie Anderson
voice, alto flute and harp
6 minutes

Net(work) (2017)
for Switch Ensemble
violin, cello, piano and electronics
7-8 minutes

Night Music for Shulamit Ran (2016)
piano solo
2 minutes

Automaton (2015)
for Katie Schoepflin
bass clarinet
10 minutes

Pocket (2014)
for John Corkill
3 percussionists
9 minutes

Nilas (2013)
6 minutes

Rundfunk (2012)
for the McCain Duo
bass trombone and piano
7 minutes

Scattering Bright (2012)
for the Hayes/Peterson Duo
flute and percussion
10 minutes

The Art of Falling (2011)
solo piano
8 minutes

Average Bureaucrats (2010-11)
for Line Upon Line Percussion
percussion trio
18 minutes

Gentleman Loser(2011)
for Concert Black
5 minutes

Wind Among the Reeds (2010-11)
for Amber Alarcon
mezzo-soprano and piano
17 minutes

Brassploitation (2010)
for LT Townshend
tuba (or bass trombone) and piano
9 minutes

Ficta (2010)
for Steven Parker and Molly Emerman
violin and trombone
8 minutes

Dream Logic (2017)
for Copland House
clarinet, violin, cello and piano
8 minutes

Signs and Wonders (2017)
for Imani Winds
wind quintet [fl(picc).ob(EH)] 12 minutes

In Memory’s Twilight: In Memoriam A.S. (2016)
for eighth blackbird
13 minutes

The Norms of Epic (2016)
for Quince Ensemble
4 female voices
12 minutes

Ruckus (2015)
for Ursa Ensemble
17 minutes

Loose/Together (2015)
for Pacifica Quartet
string quartet
13 minutes

Time, Thickened (2014)
for the University of Chicago New Music Ensemble
12 minutes

Apertura (2014)
for Ensemble Dal Niente
8 minutes

Loggerheads (2013)
for the University of Texas San Antonio Trombone Choir
2 Antiphonal Trombone Quartets

Harold en [Blanton] (2011)
for the Blanton Museum of Art
open instrumentation

Hearing Voices (2010-11)
for the University of Texas New Music Ensemble
25 minutes

Lieve Louis (2009)
for the University of Texas New Music Ensemble
1 minute

To Paint Their Madness (2016)
commissioned by the Fromm Music Foundation at Harvard University
for Ensemble Dal Niente
10 minutes

Bizzarie di Figure: Omaggio a Bracelli (2016)
commissioned by the SoundSCAPE Festival
chamber orchestra
10 minutes

Brittle, Not Breaking (2016)
for the Civic Orchestra of Chicago
chamber orchestra
6 minutes

Barnstormer (2012)
for the Sacramento Youth Symphony Chamber Music Workshop
string orchestra
7 minutes