Music for Soloists

Solitary Vices (2023)
for Ben Roidl-Ward
7 minutes

Power Ballade (2020)
for Marianne Parker
piano and electronics
8 minutes

Strich (2019)
commissioned by Access Contemporary Music
amplified prepared piano
12 minutes

Keep the Balance on a Back Curve (2018)
for Katherine Weintraub
alto saxophone
8 minutes

Automaton (2015)
for Katherine Jimoh
bass clarinet
10 minutes

Chamber Music

Small Creations (2021)
for Katherine Jimoh and Constance Volk
2 vocalists, flute, clarinet and fixed media
25 minutes

In the Depths (2020)
commissioned by the LYNX Project
soprano and piano
6 minutes

Blue Burst of Lake (2019)
commissioned by Andrew Nogal
oboe and piano
19 minutes

Relic (2019)
for the Amorsima Trio
string trio
2 minutes

Wooden Balloon (2018)
for SoundStreams
soprano and piano trio
8 minutes

The Watching (2018)
for the Lyra Society of Philadelphia
alto flute, harp and viola
6 minutes

Vamp (2018)
commissioned by Latitude 49
clarinet, saxophone, violin, cello, piano, and percussion
6 minutes

Lungfuls of Dusk (2018)
commissioned by the Damselfly Trio
text by Stephanie Anderson
voice, alto flute and harp
6 minutes

Net(work) (2017)
for Switch Ensemble
violin, cello, piano and electronics
7-8 minutes

Dream Logic (2017)
for Music at Copland House
clarinet, violin, cello and piano
8 minutes

Signs and Wonders (2017)
for Imani Winds
wind quintet
12 minutes

In Memory’s Twilight (2016)
for eighth blackbird
flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion
13 minutes

The Norms of Epic (2016)
for Quince Ensemble
4 high voices
12 minutes

Ruckus (2015)
for Ursa Ensemble
17 minutes

Loose/Together (2015)
for Pacifica Quartet
string quartet
13 minutes

Time, Thickened (2014)
for the University of Chicago New Music Ensemble
12 minutes

Apertura (2014)
for Ensemble Dal Niente
8 minutes

Loggerheads (2013)
for the University of Texas San Antonio Trombone Choir
trombone choir (or 2 antiphonal trombone quartets)
10 minutes

Harold En Blanton (2012)
for the Blanton Museum of Art
open instrumentation
6-8 minutes

Scattering Bright (2012)
for the Hayes/Peterson Duo
flute and percussion
10 minutes

Average Bureaucrats (2011)
for Line Upon Line Percussion
percussion trio
18 minutes

Gentleman Loser (2011)
for Concert Black
flute, contrabass, and percussion
5 minutes

Hearing Voices (2010-11)
for the University of Texas New Music Ensemble
25 minutes

Wind Among the Reeds (2010-11)
for Amber Alarcon
mezzo-soprano and piano
17 minutes

Lieve Louis (2009)
for the University of Texas New Music Ensemble
1 minute

Brassploitation (2010)
for LT Townshend
tuba (or bass trombone) and piano
9 minutes

Ficta (2010)
for Steven Parker and Molly Emerman
violin and trombone
8 minutes

Music for Large Ensembles

From the Sky Far Whispers (2022)
for Andrew Hudson and the UNC Greensboro Wind Ensemble
solo clarinet and wind ensemble
22 minutes

Gods of Iron (2019)
for the Civic Orchestra of Chicago
8 minutes

That Dark Electric (2018)
for Steven Parker
trombone and chamber orchestra
25 minutes

To Paint Their Madness (2016)
commissioned by the Fromm Music Foundation at Harvard University
for Ensemble Dal Niente
10 minutes

Bizzarie di Figure: Omaggio a Bracelli (2016)
commissioned by the SoundSCAPE Festival
chamber orchestra
10 minutes

Brittle, Not Breaking (2016)
for the Civic Orchestra of Chicago
chamber orchestra
6 minutes

Barnstormer (2012)
for the Sacramento Youth Symphony Chamber Music Workshop
string orchestra
8 minutes